confession: i’m a francophile

With Nancy being in Europe this week, I have decided to confess.  It all started the summer of 2010 when I went to Paris for a week with my friend Lauren.  I could go on and on about how much I love Paris and all things French but lets just talk about a particular sweet that has been having a moment in the trendiness column for a while now and I hope is here to stay.  French Macaroons!

Laduree is right up there with Disney Word when it comes to a magical place where all your dreams come true, well mine anyway! Every shop is beautifully designed, filled with macaroons, other sweet pastries and just in general looks like a place a princess would live.   The macaroons come in so many flavors and colors, that they are almost too pretty to eat (I said almost – my fave is pistachio).

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Wednesday What Not- Hedgehogs Gone Wild


1. dress by; 2. handbag by kate spade; 3.print by susiegharemani; 4.charm necklace by madison craft studio; 5. throw pillow by earthlab 6. print by the black apple;  7. “sneak preview” of woodland stripes by TGWC; 8. coasters by seabreeze studio; 9. live hedgehog, courtesy wikipedia

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BONJOUR! My days in Paris-2 days at Maison & Objet (part 1)

Here it is the end of day 2 of the Parisian leg of my Eurotrip. The last two days have been spent deeply engrossed in awe and inspiration at the maison & objet show at the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition center.

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Just a Thought, Trends
January 23, 2012

BONJOUR! My days in Paris-day one: Le Marche

I have arrived in Paris! Very excited to attend the Maison & Objet show at

Paris Nord Villepinte.

Despite the winter snow finally deciding to show up on the very day I was trying to catch my flight out all managed to go on schedule and off I went over the Atlantic.

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crafty creations
January 20, 2012

Fab Phone Case Craft Project

I thought I’d share with you today my homemade cell phone case. My phone is probably the most basic you can get. I don’t text and don’t use it for pictures. All I really need it to do is make a phone call. But that doesn’t mean it has to look basic and boring. With a little mod podge and some cool printed tissue, I turned my phone from drab to fab.

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Meet me in Minneapolis or Dig us in Dallas…where ever you roam, and even at home!

If you didn’t get a chance to check our the new 2012 line in Atlanta, don’t fret!

You can also see it on display in all it’s glory in

If Minneapolis is your show stop. Come on over the the Gift Street Showroom January 20-24. It’s Showroom #248 at the MinneapolisMart.

or visit us in


If you plan to be livin’ large in Dallas come see what our big fuss is about. January 18-24 we will be on display at the  Dallas Market Center in Paper Trends Temporary Space # 3600.

Both shows promise to be chuck full of FANTASTIC new product!


Winter chill keeping you house bound?

Then check us out from the warmth and comfort of home. Work those jammies and sip  a cup of coco (extra marshmallows afloat of course) while shopping us online

Wednesday What-Nots
January 18, 2012

Wednesday What-nots : Beautiful Bordeaux

Lately I’ve been loving this bordeaux color. I think its a great color for January. Its not like the red at christmas and its not too pink either that is reminiscent of Valentine’s Day. Its the perfect in between color, and looks great anywhere.

1. Nic + Zoe Double Breasted Fitted Knit Jacket 2. Bordeaux Perry Slap Watch

3. Wine and wood earrings 4. Converse Chucks  5. Pug pillow

6. Bordeaux Nail Polish  7.Wearable Art Gauze Scarf




Orange you Glad to See Me?!





cousin of yellow!



While on a business trip last week I managed to get some time to sneak across the street from our Atlanta office to the Perimeter Mall.  This was my first trip to the popular retail shops to see the January releases. What struck me more then anything else was the all the ORANGE! We have a little joke here that goes back a few years “Orange is the new neutral!” Well I kid you not it truly has lived up to it’s accolades.


Now, it is my job to know what colors are coming and what will be trendy as dictated by the Trend Gods and perfectly executed by Our Lady of Anthropologie, but I will admit I did not think the color would hit so quick and so hard. In every single retailer- regardless the genre, there it was in all it’s citrus glory! From bold statements to subtle hidden finishes, all your tangerine dreams come true. Here is a little photo montage of my shopping experience in the grove!


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Just a Thought
January 16, 2012

Somebody got a case of the mondays?

Happy Blue Monday!?

Well that sounds like an oximoron! But today January 16, 2012 is “Blue Monday”, the most depressing day of the year.

You feelin’ it?

This is an actual thing. Academics have devoted time and money to it…

( cause there is nothing else worthwhile to study???)

According to Wikapedia here is the formula:

So it is calculated, for 2012 Blue Monday is today.

A lot of nonsense? Me thinks! Those of you up here in the Northeast with me may be feeling a little depressed due to the fact Winter finally showed it’s frigid face this weekend reminding us what it really means to live here. But that’s part of being a New Englander and we have been lucky duckies thus far this winter.(Besides that is what gives us that nice frosty persona the rest of the country like to note about us!)

So in honor of Blue Monday, instead of being depressed lets think about all the true blues that bring us joy and delight- awes of wonder, pure comfort, simple smiles…. (and a little help from flickr)

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