Wednesday What-Nots : Giddy for Gingham

giddy for gingham

Spring forward!

Happy Leap Day! Even though New England is getting a wintery blast of the white stuff* as I type, Spring is just around the corner! For those of you ready to get a jump on the season of renewal, we here at TGWC will get you inspired…

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what not wednesday -inspiration from Yelena James

An artist that I love is Yelena James. Check out these samples of her work. I love that they’re sort of abstract, but also somewhat organic, floral, serene, under-the-sea.

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WNW: Junk in the Trunk

You know that place, the one you always drive by tell & yourself you should stop in someday? Maybe they have a catchy name, great signage or  cute window displays and it just makes you want to check it out, but you never get around to it? We all have those places. Mine is this crusty old antique store in East Bridgewater near the train tracks which always has some kind of crazy piece of vintage furniture out front . I am always close to causing a car accident when eyeballing their stuff as I speed around the corner, late for something as usual. Well, I finally stopped in because I saw something out there that I could NOT resist, and thus began my latest addiction to antique trunks.

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February 21, 2012

Paperworld 2012


I wrapped up my European adventure in Frankfurt for the Paperworld/Christmasworld show.

Pleasantly this years show was a bit more interesting then the last couple years has been. There seems to be a little more innovation hitting the market and it seems there has been some focus on raising the bar on design.

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crafty creations, Just a Thought
February 17, 2012

Knit Wit

So last weekend I decided I’d once again try to learn how to knit. I’ve tried to learn from my grandmother when I was younger, but just couldn’t  get it since she was left handed and I’d have to sit in front of her to learn. Then a few years ago my mother tried to teach me how to knit a basic pair of slippers. Needless to say they came out a mess, full of holes and my mom ran out of patience explaining  knitting to me.

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Just a Thought
February 17, 2012

so inspiring…

This post is entirely about one artist that I think is so amazing.

I had to share this video of her at work. I think I am going to have to dig out my watercolor paints and give it another try…

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Just a Thought
February 15, 2012

Wednesday what not: vday love

My dad’s name is Valentine and my mom likes to say that everyday is Valentine’s day for her! So with that in mind, I’d to share a few highlights of the day dedicated to LOVE (one day late)!

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BONJOUR! My days in Paris- A printworthy city

January is not the best time to visit Paris if you are looking to see the latest trends. January in Paris is about SALES or Soldes to be exact. This is soldes season. Now normally this fact would truly thrill me, but on this shopping adventure I was hoping to see the new spring designer lines in all their glory.

The normally done up windows of Printempts, done up with a sale sign!

I spent several hours on the many floors at Printemps delighted by this fab department store. (Such a great store) 7 floors of fantastic finds and  unique goods. Among all this so many fun patterns and playful color pallets adorning everything from house wears to accessories- truly inspiring!



***OK, I know that the IFC series “Portlandia” is about Portland Oregon. (if you haven’t seen it, check it out- Fred Armisen from SNL has a sick sense of humor) BUT this post is about Portland MAINE. ***

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Totally Tubular-The 80’s are back!

One can’t help noticing all the legwarmers, fingerless gloves, neon colors and ripped denim lately. I can’t help but think of Madonna and Punky Brewster, big hair, pink eye shadow. And I will confess to crimping my hair, although (hopefully) all the photographic evidence has been destroyed…

But, I admit to being more than a little concerned, these looks didn’t exactly work for everyone the first time around. Why is it coming back, and how long will it last? And more importantly  -can you even get “Aqua Net” hairspray anymore?