G is for….

golden packages, invitation and favor

G is for gold, gorgeous and GRADY!! Last weekend I took a trip to Middlebury, Vermont to go to my friend Grady’s wedding shower.  Grady and I, along with one of her bridesmaids, Adrienne, went to Syracuse together.  Adrienne put together a beautifully decorated bridal shower brimming with gold, cream and black accents – all of Grady’s favorites! 

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Time to talk trends!

It’s that time again…. time to plan our the next catalog release. 2013 is just around the corner… (well we hope-we do have that Mayan end of the world thing to get through first!)  Since we work so far ahead, at this point our 2012 release is old news to us despite it only being a few months old. Here in the studio we have been busy compiling trend research and creating new designs for next year.

I thought I would share a little bit on how we gather our info and create our trend presentations.

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Floral Fancy

Today I happened to notice, a cluster of daffodils poking up from the soil and small buds starting to form on the trees.  Finally there’s signs of life!! Then I realized that the first official day of spring is next week. 

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Domestic Trophy, Rachel Denny

Zebra, Dwell Studio

Elephant, Cardboard Safari

Animal heads have ventured out of the hunting lodge and are popping up in urban apartments, on suburban stationery and even on dinner plates (yikes).   Although this trend seems a little freaky at first, I’m cool with it as long as no animals were actually harmed. We can still embrace the  trend without resorting to violence, can we not? I love the way Rachel Denny explores the cruelty-free side of taxidermy in her “Dometsic Trophies” series, & the creative kooks at Cardboard Safari make a corrugated pachyderm that blows your mind. But it was Dwell Studio‘s Zebra that  inspired me to explore the faux-poacher in myself.

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Just a Thought
March 09, 2012

oh so shocking -color blocking

So if you haven’t been living under a rock these days you’ve seen this trend, color blocking. The cool thing about it is that you almost can’t do it wrong, and there are infinite possibilities. Just mix solid blocks of color together, they can be clashy or coordinating.

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Just a Thought
March 08, 2012

Wednesday What Not: Flower Power

Here in New England, we have been extremely lucky to have not had a freezing and snowy winter, like seasons past.  However, that does not mean that I am not itching for spring and summer! Today is particularly nice outside and I can picture myself in a floral top and white jeans very soon (I don’t believe in waiting for Memorial Day to wear white).  Florals are everywhere this season and I am all in on it!  These bright and fun patterns makes me feel happy after the dreary winter months and it’s on my bucket list to own that chair for a patio some day 🙂

Go get your hands on this floral fabulousness: 1. Pants 2. Shirt 3. Bedding 4. Chair