Real-Life Gifting : Maddie’s Birthday

It’s true that the Holiday season may be the biggest gift-wrapping time of year, but I’ve had one busy April – birthdays, bridal showers, milestone anniversaries, oh my! I thought it may be helpful to show a couple of the gift-wrapped goodies we created starting with this super fun, oddly shaped gift for an 8-year old girl using our oh-so-cute What A Hoot wrap:

maddie's bday gift tutorial

From odd to awesome! Step by step.

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New Trend on the Block

When I first started to see this trend emerging, I wasnt really a fan, but now that I see it more and more, I’m beginning  to really like the big shapes of vibrant colors.  The patterns aren’t limited to just being squares. or rectangles. I love those triangle print shoes. It reminds me of a great print that Julie had worked on. And my Purple violet plant would look great in a color blocked flower pot. I just might have to make myself one. My favorite combination of colors is the purple, orange and navy, seen on the dress below.



1. Purple and Grey Decorative Throw Pillow Cover


3. Shiekh Color Blocked Pumps

4 .Roberta Di Camerino Colour Block Bag

5. Womens Colorblock Fashion Watch

6. Urban Dots Mug

7. Color Block Room

8. Color Blocked Flower Pots

9. Color Block Manicure


sneak peek

Spring has settled in at last, and here are a few reasons why I love this season 1) we can actually enjoy a few rays of sunshine during our commutes 2)because of that, we’re all in better moods! 3)The Stationery Show is CoMinG!! Amongst other things, that is why this is my favorite time of year.

Since the National Stationery Show is rapidly approaching (less than one month away!), we have been working around the clock to create a beautiful booth that is worthy of all the fabulous designs TGWC has to offer for 2012. I can’t show you EXACTLY what we plan to present, of course that is top secret and highly sensitive material. But here is a quick sneaky peeky:


We have some very cool inspiration and ideas for this year’s booth, and it’s sure to blow you away! Can you guess what our “theme” is from these pics? …..Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Honestly I couldn’t guess what any of these photos are supposed to mean, and I put it together! (I assure you, there is a method to my madness) If this wacky jumble confuses you too, fear not, all will be revealed at the Show: May 20-22 at the Javits Center, NYC. We’ll be at Booth# 2820-2927. Stay tuned for more updates and we hope to see you in New York!




Just a Thought
April 22, 2012


Sorry to be blog late with this big announcement, but as of March 16th the complete TGWC & Pepperpot range  have a new showcase in the Atlanta Gift Mart. The complete line will now be represented in the Southeast  by leading sales group Daniel Richards and on full display in their 4,000 ft showroom, #1634 at the Atlanta Gift Mart.

Daniel Richards Showroom@Atlanta Gift Mart

So be sure to put showroom #1634 on your “MUST SEE” list the next time you are at the Gift Mart ya’ll!


Just a Thought
April 20, 2012

Springtime Treats

In celebration of springtime, and sometimes no reason at all, I like to make these cute little bird’s nest treats. The trick to making these yummy sticky treats is to butter up your spoons or spatulas, and your hands when your forming the mixture into a nest. They are really simple to make, but you gotta work fast once you take the mixture off the stove.

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Gift Bag Sighting!

Office Graphics Sighting

Office Graphics Sighting

There’s a new show on ABC called Don’t Trust the B– in Apartment 23. If you happened to catch the Pilot that aired a few weeks ago, you may have seen a glimpse of our Office Graphics gift bag. Blink – and you might have missed it! Not even 30 seconds in, the gift bag, along with everything else on the counter top, was swatted aside. It took a while, but I snagged this screenshot. I thought the show, though brazen, was entertaining – especially James Van Der Beek playing… um… James Van Der Beek. 🙂


Fun Finds, Just LUV It!
April 10, 2012

mother’s day ideas


Mother’s Day will be here before you know it! I thought I would post some great gift ideas (just in case)…

1. The Mothers Wisdom Deck -tarot cards made for moms!. This is illustrated by the amazing Jenny Kostecki-Shaw, and is available at

2. Bird family necklace, this is handmade and available on by Menuet Designs

3. Alphabet Paperweights designed by an amazing chalboard artist, these are available at, but you also have to check out the artists website, she is so talented.

4. A set of 4 coasters by the super talented Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Company

5. a vintage tea-cup bird-feeder, it doesnt get any cuter!!! this is from Bramble Bunny Designs on Etsy,


Just a Thought
April 09, 2012

The inside wrap!

You may not have given much thought to the sorted past of that roll of gorgeous embossed foil gift wrap you bought for your best friend Jenny’s birthday gift, but believe me that paper lead an interesting existence before it became decorative cover for your latest “perfect gift”.

A long over seas voyage on a ship captained by a weathered curmudgeon, tough days in high heat, nights in freezing cold, dodging tidal storms… always thankful to be wrapped among its footage family…. ok I have been stuck in this airport way too long… but seriously, a lot goes into that shrink wrapped roll of gift decor!

A sampling of our Fashion Collection wraps... each with a little global heritage!

Since our studio is up in MA and our warehouse down in GA we rarely get to see the “behind the scenes” happenings of our product once the proofs are approved. So while down at the warehouse these last few days I took a walk about to see how things were going.

birds-eye view of the production area

Since the Christmas rush is about to begin there is a lot of product and prep going on. Incoming goods, products getting pulled for finishing and packing…. lots  of bustle is about in the warehouse.

Here are a few interesting shots just for fun, and just maybe now you will have a little empathy for all those rolls of gift wrap at your local retailer. Have a little heart for the ones with a dent or a little tear they have had a hard life and just yearn for the chance to decorate your cherished gifts and the opportunity to make your friends and family smile! 😉


WWN: Pattern Pizzazz at Pier One

Was  in one of my fave stores the other day Pier One Imports. If you haven’t been in a P1 lately you must check it out! The explosion of color and pattern that await you inside those doors is just overwhelming. Every nook and cranny held another tempting tidbit of funness! I managed to escape with a mid size $ purchase of new pillows for my couch which give just the right punch of color to lift the winter dulls away.

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Start spreading the news… NSS12 pre-game show #1

The National Stationery Show is less then 6 weeks away…. oh my %$#! Lots of work to do to get our booth ready. Our plans are well underway however and I promise you we will not disappoint for NSS 2012!

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