NSS: The AfterShock Vol1

Well it has been an whole week since being back from NSS and I still can’t catch up. Been wanting to share some of the fabulous picts of the booth- but as I sit down here and look at all the shots I have gathered I just can’t decide which are the best. Everyone took fantastic photos. So I decided maybe this is all just too much for one post. So thus we begin on our “Booth Bonanza”. Todays installment will be the time line of events as only those who have lived through the trade show love-hate relationship can truly appreciate!

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I just got in these photos of some store resets at various Beverages and More stores. ( That’s BEVMO to all the cool kids!)  Bev Mo is one of our favorite long time, west coast partners to whom we supply a huge volume of custom and catalog style gift bags. It’s so great to see the new set ups and so much space dedicated to all these fabulous bottle bags- these guys really put the MO in the BEV!

Stay thirsty and give stylish my friends!


There are just a few handful of the “new” style icons which I really respect and admire .. oh what the kids are into these days…  but I do have to admit I am always impressed by the multi talented Zooey Deschanel. She sings, she acts, she models, she pulls off bangs…and she possesses a quirky retro style all her own. I would love to be able to pull off her looks, but I promise to spare you all .

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Class of 2012

CONGRATULATIONS to all 2012 Graduates! We know how hard you’ve worked to get your diploma/degree/Ph.D, etc etc. These grads deserve a nice gift, considering the amount of debt they have accrued in the pursuit of education 😉 Instead of the usual cash/check/giftcard style envelope, why not get crafty and wrap up your grad’s gift in a box worthy of their achievements? This is a variation on a super cute idea borrowed from Diane, who writes  In My Own Style, a blog I’ve been devouring lately. She makes gift boxes from Ribbon Spools, but I chose to upcycle a packing tape roll for my “Graduation Cap Gift Box”


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if only…..

Upon my return form NYC last week I got off the train to find my car completely dead. Luckily Aimee was still in the parking lot so I had a friend through the ordeal but of course neither of us had jumper cables… a sharpie, some scissors, an xacto blade, random beads, tape, paper clips and magazines- oh yeah we have that but unless we are lost in a poorly decorated jungle we are S-O-L! But alas we found a “nice guy in a red jeep” who  was very prepared for real emergencies and he quickly got me back up and running.  I offered him $20 for the help, but he refused and asked that I only “remember to be there to help the next person I came upon in their time of need.” Super sweet huh?

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shop shots NYC #3: marimekko

FUN FUN FUN! The Marimekko shop on 5h avenue is just spectacular. So much vivid color! This classic brand has brought their signature style of bold bright graphic fun to their retail space.

Real Life Gifting: Pattern Mixing

shower stopper of a gift!

A quick break from NY and stationery show coverage here! I know there have been other posts about this universal tissue paper flower but wanted to show you an updated twist with pattern mixing! I love pattern mixing in all forms and gift giving is no exception. It helps to stick to a similar color pallet, here B&W, and go from there.  This gift was for a bridal shower but this wrapping can be used for any occasion.   

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shop shots #2 Fishs Eddy

Another fave shop over on 19th is Fishs Eddy ( 889 Broadway at 19th Street )


This is a super fun kitchen accessories store. Quirky, vintage and eclectic goods are perfectly displayed. Everything is so fun it makes me wish I cooked!

Industrial Inspiration

We’re BAAACk! The National Stationery Show was, as always, a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to share the pics of our beautiful booth, but you’ll have to wait one more day until Nancy returns with her good camera. For now I’ll share some inspiration that I picked up while touring the aisles of the Javits Center this weekend. Upon returning from the Show, I always feel inspired (exhausted, but inspired). I love to see the innovative ways people are displaying product in their booths. One of the things that caught my eye at the 2012 show was the use of industrial repurposed shelving and tables. I loved the utilitarian-yet-vintage approach that some of the smaller companies employed as storage and display options. Of course that gets my wheels turning and I had to investigate further…

Cleveland Art Industrial Storage Table

Visit Cleveland Art for more super cool storage and display ideas like this…


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The Gift Wrap Company booth at NYSS – or 1000 things to do with wrapping paper

I can hardly believe the Stationery Show is over! It reminds me of all the build up and prep before the holidays, and then it seems like it’s over in a flash. I guess as long as the flash is bright and beautiful and amazing while it lasts then it was all worth it, and i feel like that is exactly what we had in New York this week.

Pictures really don’t do it justice because there isn’t a camera big enough to take it all in; the attention to detail, the creative use of anything and everything, and mixing of designs, colors, real and handmade props. It was something to see.

Here are a few shots of some of the amazing outer windows.

It was so much fun putting this all together, seeing it come to life. We have an amazing line of products, and a great team of people and I was a happy camper to be a part of it!  (excuse me -feeling a little choked up now…) Enjoy the pics, more to follow!