birds of a feather should stick together!

This weekend we will be participating in a trade show sponsored by Wild Birds Unlimited. WBU is a cool store for those of you who love a little special tweet! The show runs through Sunday at the International Trade Center in Savannah, GA.  It’s open to the public so if you are in the area come on by and visit our little nest in booth 406. Ok enough of the bird references… here is our email announcement (just so I can hit you with a few more quacky puns!!)

ice, ice, baby

Now that summer is officially here, I have been enjoying being outdoors so much! I love being at a backyard pool party or the beach on a hot day, and I love enjoying a cold beverage while I’m there. I noticed so many fun options for ice out there, I wanted to share some with you:

love the yellow submarines!

Just a Thought
June 27, 2012

WWN: “I know you, your that land shark”


One of the funniest old SNL skits ever so I am more then psyched to steal the refrence even if totally off subject!

watch clip

No what I am really talking about is a shark attack on current trends (dahnut dahnut).

I am seeing a lot shark images and graphics  in product design whether it be in fashion (really big in the juve boy market) home decor or gift products and stationery.

“There’s a cardinal rule that you don’t talk about sharks. If you don’t see it, it’s not there.”
Mark Warkentin

So I guess I will just show you!

clockwise: urban outfitters, uncommon goods, potterybarn kids, pinterest, mini boden, uncommon goods, mini boden
clockwise: mini boden, urban outfitters, modcloth, etsy, boston warehouse, kirkland
mudpie, sharp shirter

Perfect accessories for all you land sharks!

Forget JR…. DR is the coolest in Dallas!

Late June excursion got you heading to South Fork for a weekend of high society hub-nubbing with your oversized shoulder pads and big hair!

Is that Victoria Principal or a line backer for the Cowboys?

Well since your in town why not head on over to the Dallas Market Center for the Total Home & Gift Market? You will find us in the Daniel Richards Showroom #1400. Come see all the latest and greatest products we have on display.

The show runs through Tuesday June 26th ( open daily 8 am-6:30 pm) Here is a sneak peek inside this beautiful  showroom. Don’t miss it!

Daniel Richards Showroom #1400 at the Dallas Market Center

Let There Be Light!

Our back room here at the studio serves as a warehouse/photo studio/prop room/inventory storage/spray booth/loading dock…etc etc. Needless to say we -especially me- spend a lot of time out there for various reasons, and I am happy to report that we now have a wonderful new lighting situation out there! It’s not “pretty” by any stretch of the imagination, but it is bright, and it is so much more pleasant to be around!

This vast improvement got me thinking about lighting and how important it is to my happiness in general. I strongly believe that light effects behavior and mood, and that lighting upgrades can totally boost good vibes and create a sense of well being. If you want to illuminate your life this weekend, here’s some inspiration!

check out Nancy's post about this fab store

Has anyone seen my measuring tape?

I hope that's not lead paint...


check it out!

Just a Thought
June 21, 2012

work like a dog…

It’s National Take Your Dog to Work Day today, but Tyler has decided to work from home…..

hmm.... should I use pms 200C or 193C for this Christmas red?

all this work makes me tired… think I’ll just nap!

Wednesday What-Nots : Summer Solstice

summer favorites

Summa-time, Summa-time, Sum-Sum, Summa-time!

It’s finally here: my favorite time of the year – SUMMER! I don’t think there’s enough blog space for me to express all the wonderful things that I LOVE about this season. Summer in New England is the best – the weather, the outdoor activities, the overall feeling of joy and accomplishment radiating from all who survived the winter… I could go on and on…

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Just a Thought
June 20, 2012


oh happy day….. Summer has finally arrived!!




Just a Thought
June 18, 2012

honored for the mention

Stylesight did a little recap of the National Stationery Show and guess who got a little shout out??!! (WOOP WOOP)

We are honored to be mentioned by such a trend leader among our trendiest industry collegues!

See the whole recap here TGWC_NSS

Thanks, Dana for the share!

local art festival

I recently had the pleasure of “dragging” my family to a local art festival,

It was such a great day out, and this place was jam packed with talented artists, and I was drooling over everything as usual…

I loved that they had entertainment for the kids too, otherwise this would never have happened at all for me! They had awesome food and drinks, and a live band.

Here is my son putting on a brave face with the tall man:

One of my favorite booths here was, they had the most amazing handmade cloth journals

another great booth was from Kristen Cole at “Its sew you”, I obviously did not get enough pictures of all her cute things so you will have to trust me on this and go to her etsy site:

these acrylic painting/collages were amazing as well, the artist is Samantha Pidel, and her site is

(also I love how they are displayed on old doors, brilliant!)

These are my precious children about the make some crazy hats at the “recycled” hat making station, the hats came out adorable, but then were left behind at the dance recital we went to afterwards…so sad we can’t keep nice things

And then here are some more random pics of things I really really wanted, in no particular order, OK, maybe the mermaid first

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