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July 31, 2012

More on trends…

So yesterday I shared our Christmas 2013 trend boards with you and ironically I also received a trend board email blast from Bright Group International, a great art licensing agency I have had the pleasure of working with this year. So I thought I would share Brights trend boards here as well as I think they are pretty great and worth the share.

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Just a Thought, Trends
July 30, 2012

Christmas is coming……in 2013!

There is one very sick and twisted reality to working here ( ok a few but right now I am talking just this one) we plan for Christmas 18 months early. Before Christmas has even arrived in all it’s winter fun, Team TGWC has already finalized our Christmas range for the following year. So that is where we are today. We have just finished the design selection process and will now begin figuring out all the extra bits and bobs to apply these designs to.

So I thought I would share our trend boards with you and show where all the inspiration for the designs we will feature a year from now came from….enjoy!

Winter whites with accents of aged golds and pewter… so pretty!

Just a Thought
July 26, 2012

inspirational fun! (and an awesome way to use my new phone!)

A few weeks ago I dropped my phone in the toilet (gross).  I put it in a bag of rice to try to save it (great tip for minor water damage) but I think a full submerge is too much to over come.  On the bright side, I was due for a new phone anyway and was eligible for an upgrade!  The best feature of my new phone is the camera.  It takes pretty great pics, flash and all, so much so that I never carry around my digital anymore.  Plus, when you take pics on a smart phone, you can use all sorts of cool applications to manipulate them as I am sure a lot of you know.

Using Instagram: Before: nice photo of flags. After: awesome photo of flags!

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techno graveyard

A brand new computer, monitor or techno gadget is a thing of pure joy. It cost more then a small village, but you love it, brag about it and marvel at how awesome it is and you are for having it!


A few years goes by ( and often not that long) and your once shiny new toy is no longer upgradeable thus no longer compatible with anything, has battle scars from drops on the sidewalk, coffee spilled in the keyboard, cracks from your dog stepping on it, sand, dirt and unrecognizable debris embedded in the crevasses,  and maybe some water spots from a late night drop in the toilet. Yes your gadget which was once a source of great pride is now an axe of shame you use with hate and loathing. Time to upgrade!

But what do you do with the old stuff? Its an eco nightmare!

If you are like us you stick in a corner and swear on one of those town recycling days you will lug it down. Thus was our story. For a couple years now a pile of e-waste has been piling up in our garage creating a techno graveyard. Finally we made the call. Called out one of those services that haul it away.  What showed up on that 97 degree Wednesday afternoon was a modern day Fred Sanford. An old truck loaded to the hills with useless e-crap! As we watched in horror as once  beloved computers, scanners, and monitors were thrown ( literally) into this mountain of  past hipness.

Although we have come to terms with their passing, and are psyched to have the space back, we say rest in peace old friends! We will cherish the memories.

“they’re comin’ to join you old walkmen and VCRs”

the shoot is on!

Just a little studio happenin’ for today.

We have now gotten our ED 2013 photo shoot into full swing! So it is mock-ups galor around here.

Unfortunately it is also hot as h@**  and there is very little air in the shoot area. The poor photogs are about to melt! But they are exceptionally good sports about it. Thumbs up for Charlie and Brian from Cutlip Photography!

Here is a little sneaky peeky behind the sets.. enjoy!

Aimee prepping & propping!
Not too long ago we did film and polaroids for each shot- technology good!
lights, camera, action
In need of a perfect ribbon!
I love this shot, arm and all!

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks and the release of our 2013 range due out mid December!

Things are heating up in ATL…

For those of you heading to the gift show in Atlanta, be sure to stop by and visit us at the Daniel Richards Showroom!

Show is off to a great start and runs through next Wednesday, July 18th, so there is still time to take part in all the fun!

Join us! We look forward to your visit.

Fun Finds, Just a Thought
July 09, 2012


I love the summer. Love to garden, love to surround my place with flowers, love my porch (which was the whole reason I bought the house)…. but I don’t so much love the spiders which camp out on my porch even more then I do!

Now I respect the spider- they eat the other bugs and Charlotte’s Web and all the rest, but I do no care for them in my space.

So the other morning as I headed out for work I happened to look across to my new (to me) wicker chair and across the whole front of it was an amazing web and a crazy looking spider.

Now we all know nature produces the most spectacular works of art, but so often we take it for granted or see it as a nuisance. The summer months are very short- ITS JULY ALREADY….WHAT!!!??

Miss Spider has reminded me to make sure I take time to appreciate and marvel at the AWESOME that is nature.

The flowers aren’t here for very long in New England and the warm days are few and far between- so stop and smell the roses… and lilies, and lilacs, and daisies, and sunflowers and……

( on a side note- by the time I got home Miss Spider and was gone and there was no trace what-so-ever she had ever been there at all….. hmmm…. not sure if I am amazed or frightened!)

Just a Thought
July 02, 2012

Summer’s Splendids

It’s summer! The time of the year when many wonders and favorites exist and for me one such thing is fresh native tomatoes! LOVE EM!!

I am an anateur gardener- don’t really have enough space to be too adventurous with it, but I always find the space and time for 2 of summers best buds- tomtoes and basil.

I always plant way too early because I am too excited to wait and the very first nice day I get them into the pots. This year was no exception, especially since our spring here was rather dismal.

you say “toemato” you say “tomahto” ..I say yum!

However I did my best to compensate for my impatience  and with great joy I enjoyed the very first crops of the season. Delicious!!

my first harvest of the summer!