If you like it then you shoulda put a wreath on it

This holiday season, how do you decorate your domicile with a wreath that stands out from the crowd? With PAPER of course! Anyone can hang a garland of greenery on the front door, but to really accentuate your entrance, try one of these fun DIY ideas…all you need is some spare giftwrap and a little imagination. (and maybe a styrofoam wreath form, some hot glue, you know, the usual supplies…)

for love of paper


stampin with me


elizabeth ann designs, tissue paper


One of our own TGWC projects

See HERE for the tutorial on this wreath which was such a huge hit last Holiday season.


Nancy's curly wreath

And HERE for this one. ENJOY!

Happy Crafting


Nothing to wear for New Years?

What? Last minute invite to glitz & glam NYE party thrown by the Swankies and your LBD has seen every event you have gone to for the last 10 years….

Well time to get creative ladies! Our friends at Pierre Belvedere  have provided a little inspiration for you. With a little ribbon and a hand full of bows (from TGWC of course)  you can wow the crowd and get a few sneak peeks from Santa for yourself!


Spied in Pierre Belvedere Montreal by Super Salesgirl SS

It’s (almost) Show time!

The new year is almost here and those in this biz know what that means.. SHOW TIME! If your heading out to check it all out please be sure to stop by and have a visit.

One of our friendly and helpful sales reps would love to give you a full tour of the 2013 line.

It’s worth the look. I promise!

If your heading to any of the January shows, please stop on by for a visit!

seen in on or around
December 14, 2012

cookies good fortune

So our cleaver friends at Container Store have done it again! First I receive an email so cleaverly titled “Contain your Cookies!” which made me chuckle because these days with all the sweets and treats coming in here I often ask my favorite jeans to do just the same!

I open this email only to find one of my favorite Gift Wrap Company goodie givers front and center! Yah Hoo!!!

Container Store always does such a great job selecting the perfect gift wrap and gifting accessories. You would be hard pressed not to find the perfect gift wrapping solution in one of their stores, not matter what the occasion!

Their Gift Wrap Wonderland is a must see every year, it gets those holiday jingle juices flowing and puts you in quite the festive mood. No humbuggin’ allowed in their aisles!

….time to get heavy on the good cheer, Christmas is almost here!

crafty creations
December 10, 2012

stairway to heavenly!

I have a whole lot of DIY projects on my back burners. Actually I don’t think there are really any front burners for me, just a lot of ideas running around my head that I am gonna do when I get some free time…Got to cut back on the HGTV!

However, today I finally accomplished one task. With a few hours, some pre-pasted wallpaper and a little bit of patience I have turned my front staircase from drab to fab. Ahh I guess this opens up a burner for another dream in progress!

I had big dreams of hand painting this staircase, but since that has been stewing for seven years now and yet to become a reality, I finally gave in and found a fun wall paper boarder from wallpops. These great boarders are easy to use and removable so there is no huge commit for phobes like me! And I can’t get over what a huge difference it makes to the whole entry of my house. Now I just need to decide what color to pain that banister… Guess I just filled empty burner!

all*you is all*us! (well…a little*us)

I was just alerted that all*you Magazine has featured us in their Fall 2012 issue!

They have a great feature on using gift wrap for crafting… well hello… and have used our Deco Butterfly as festive table decor and give an inspirational nod to Nostalgia.

Loving that paper cone wreath!

Thanx all*you, you guys are all*right!