Just a Thought
January 31, 2013

Big Day for Ana!

Just wanted to share a little news from our newest licensing partner Ana Davis.

Ana recently wrote & illustrated a children’s book and for today only that book is available  for free downloads at Amazon.com!

Big Day For Baby

Check it and be sure to give your feedback on this adorable book!

Also be on the look out for our new gift wrap, bags and accessories featuring Ana’s beautiful floral motifs!

Fun Finds, Just LUV It!
January 30, 2013

baby shades of gray

Since my sister Aimee just had her baby (congrats!), as you can imagine i have been doing a little shopping.

Like a lot of new parents today, she did not did not want to know the sex of the baby ahead of time, so I was on the look-out for cute gender-neutral baby items, and I have to say, gray is the new favorite color in baby. I have seen it on everything from nursery decor, clothing, toys, diaper bags, and i think it really is the perfect color for boy or girl.

1. this cute bib can be found on Etsy.com from babiease  2.bedding from target 3. Potterybarn Kids 4. Land of Nod, 5. Land of Nod, 6. Simply Boco at easy.com  7.Yassis Place on Etsy.com (here is the direct link to this site: https://www.etsy.com/shop/YassisPlace),


Shout Out to Arlington!

Arlington, MA is a charming little town just outside of Boston and it’s where I’ve called home for the last 2 years. It is my favorite place that I have lived so far – and I’ve moved around a bit (read: Navy brat). Arlington has clusters of charming little neighborhoods with beautiful homes – both quaint and grandiose, a surprisingly diverse dining scene (Turkish anyone? Or maybe Argentinean?), and a few very lovely gift shops. So lovely in fact, these two in particular carry The Gift Wrap Company merchandise! Almost-literally in my back yard, I can find some of our lovely wraps, bags, and containers!

Maxima Art Center
212 Massachusetts Avenue | Arlington, MA 02474 | 781-646-6835

Maxima Art Center carries The Gift Wrap Company

What a gem this shop is! It’s pretty easy to find on Mass. Ave. I happen to pop in right before seeing a movie at the Capitol Theatre, right next door. I always find gifts for people here – whether I’m in the market or not! (And if I’m not, there’s nothing wrong with self-gifting, right?) When I was in there last, I made sure to snap a few photos of some Gift Wrap Company offerings. I always get a little giddy seeing our hard work on display.

Arlington Centered
487 Massachusetts Avenue | Arlington, MA 02474 | 781-643-6700

Arlington Centered offers The Gift Wrap Company

This is a relatively new addition to Arlington, and as the name suggests: it’s located right in the Center. Some localites may be familiar with Davis Squared (in Davis Square, Somerville obvi). Well, this is its sister-store and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have a fun shop like this walking distance from my place. I especially like their card selection, kitchen accoutrements, and super fun socks. (Yes, socks!) Although it’s not gift wrap, I spotted some French Bull items last time I was there, so shout out to them as well!

Arlington is definitely worth an afternoon of exploring if you’re ever in the area! I’ve only scratched the surface here with a focus on gift wrap from these amazing retailers. Have you spotted any TGWC merch in your neighborhood??

Just a Thought
January 21, 2013

Do you have a dream?

Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day, a day to celebrate a great man who had a great dream, A REALLY BIG DREAM!

MelindaJonesArt: Etsy

He dreamed of a world where people treated each with equality and respect and he fought and gave his life trying to get people to LISTEN, to THINK, to DREAM!

Courtesy of BigPhilsEmporium & TheLetterStudio, Etsy.com

What’s your big dream? Let’s be inspired by MLK Jr and give it a go!

Courtesy of Zerflin, Etsy.com

Wednesday What-Nots
January 16, 2013

Thinking Warm Thoughts

Today I would have loved to stay in and snuggle up on the couch with some hot cocoa and a good movie, But the world of gift wrap goes on despite what Mother Nature decides to do.  It’s a snowy day here at the studio. We got maybe 5 inches or so and to top it off it is now starting to rain.

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Just LUV It!, Trends
January 14, 2013

Golden Globes 2013

So, not sure if everyone saw the Golden Globe Awards last night, I actually watched the New England Patriots game of course (go Pats!!!), but I did record the Golden Globes and can’t wait to see who wore what…

From what I have seen so far, here are a few trends that really struck me right away…

Just a Thought, Trends
January 14, 2013

Ladies in Red

Ah, so the glamorous goodness known as “award season” kicked off last night at the Golden Globes. They called it “California Cold” at 50 degrees, here in Boston it was also 50 degrees but we cheered and pulled out the swimsuits! Those left coat softies!

So as my favorite fashion critics over at E! lined the red carpet and asked the age old question “who are you wearing” I sat expecting to see color. Bold, vivid, on trend, color, but I was very disappointed. To my dismay the celebs walked the walk in traditional black, navy, and of course a peppering of dare devils who shined in unique bright colors, they are celebs after all! But all in all the dresses were quite tame and under whelming. Come on ladies! WTF!!!!! Don’t you know we live the luxe life through you? Step it up! I expect to see a lot more flash as this season progresses.

Well, the red carpet did manage to run red as some of the hottest celebs chose various shades of scarlett to spotlight their evening. Proving once again this hot hue is forever tried and true!

I just had to include this last pict, because I think little Lukey rocked this event!

I can’t wait to hear what the Fashion Police have to say about this event… Joan???

January 07, 2013

Gotta Go Green!

Happy New Year!

It is time to celebrate all that is new! Our new 2013 range has been released- woohoo- now that is cause for celebration,  and we have begun to give some thought to our next new 2014 release.

Pantone has recently announced their color of 2013 and I have to admit this is one newbie which I am struggling to raise the roof for. The color of the year award has gone to Emerald Green which is not my favorite color in the spectrum.

However after spending some time collecting emerald inspired images I am coming around a bit and growing a little fond of this gifted green. Follow our Trending:Emerald  board on Pinterest to get in touch with your own green side!

“It ain’t easy being green!”-Kermit the Frog

Why did Pantone choose Emerald as their color of the year? Check out their explanation on their design blog.

A little hint…