Sneaky Peeks
February 18, 2013

A lady ahead of her time

We are very excited about a license we have recently signed and are deeply involved with these days: legendary Ausie artist,  Florence Broadhurst.  Not only are Florence’s designs fantastic, but she was also one dynamic lady.

Wouldn’t you love to party with this gal?

Florence’s story is very eccentric and unfortunately tragic, but in her lifetime she managed to live life to the fullest and accomplish things women of her time didn’t dare to even dream of.

She leaves behind a great legacy and a timeless design portfolio. In the ultra talented hands of our Sarah, Florence’s designs have been transformed into a fabulous collection of wrap, tags, bags, journals, notes and other classic keepsakes.

I can’t share the products just yet, but stay tuned for their release this May! In the meantime follow our  Florence pinterest board and learn a little about this spectacular woman. Be sure to catch the vimeo videos put out by Signature Prints who keep after this beautiful artistic property, they are great.

Florence’s designs are classic, timeless and perfect for wrapping those extra special gifts!

Just a Thought
February 08, 2013


In case you are living under a rock or another part of the country that doesn’t obsess about the weather, the Boston area and surrounding states are on track to get a winter storm of epic proportions.  Yay…not really!  For some reason I thought winter was over after we had a few over 50 degree days in January, but mother nature played an evil trick on me! (Or all my years as a New Englander scarred me so much that I blocked out the fact that it’s very possible to get snow in February and March) But since I can’t beat the impending doom, I’m going to embrace the hype and go full force in getting prepared! Jamie and I braved Wegmans to gather our top essential items we need to get us through being stuck at home.  

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