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April 20, 2013

Boston Strong….what are you new?

It’s been a surreal week. I am sure everyone in America can agree with that, but for those of us here in Boston…OMG!


It has been impossible to escape the horror and fear that has hit this city. 24/7 news casts which have saddened, maddened and horrified us since Monday. Finally we are relieved of the fear and anxiety, but not the grief, and if you know a Bostonian… never the anger!


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One thing I can say for sure is, we will bounce back and come back harder and stronger then ever before. These maniacs caused so much damage, sorrow and pain for some many innocent and wonderful people. They suceeded in that, however they also succeeded in renewing American pride, Boston pride, unity and strength- that, my friends, can be very dangerous for our enemies. Don’t forget a bunch of pissed off Bostonians started this country!

After the capture of deranged loser #2  an instant parade formed in the streets all over the city to applaud our law enforcement officials and songs of patriotism were sung in the crowds.

I am (as always) proud of our city and so proud to be so deep rooted here. I am Boston Strong!


All Right Stop, Collaborate & Listen! A Sneak Peek

highly recommended book!

Coffee table books are one of my favorite go-tos for gifts, they can be enjoyed for years on end and add some style to your home.  For my friend Emily’s birthday I wanted to get something that was an expression of her style.  She loves graphic prints and bold colors and probably owns more striped things than anyone I know!  The Kate Spade, Things We Love, book came recommended to me because of all the beautiful pictures and glamourous gilded edge pages.  This book looks good from all angles!

When I was sneaking a peek at the pages before I wrapped it up, I recognized a familiar pattern!  Last season Kate Spade partnered with Florence Broadhurst to create all sorts of fun bags, wallets and accessories and this season The Gift Wrap Company is partnering up! So exciting!! This partnership is bringing the lovely patterns from Florence Broadhurst to the world of paper products to create bold and beautiful wraps, bags and other social stationary goodies!  The full collection is going to be released later this spring so keep your eyes open!

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Wednesday What-Nots : April Showers

Spring has sprung!


Boston is finally blooming! (That was an awful winter we just had, glad it’s over.) So it’s now April and we’ve got showers, just as the rhyme says. To make the shift from winter drab to springtime fab, here are some of my fun finds:

1: Turquoise Trench Coat, because beige can be so blahhh / 2: This nifty umbrella‘s blossom design shows up when it gets wet, sort of like those Hypercolor T-shirts from back in the day / 3: Not usually a fan of animal print of any kind, but it’s oh-so trendy right now. These Hunter boots are actually making me rethink snakeskin. / 4: For the days I won’t be golashing around, there’s Netflix and my couch. (Have you seen House of Cards yet?? I’m obsessed!) / 5: I have a real hard time keeping green things alive. This Self-Watering Planter could really be a game changer for me.

Hope you’re all enjoying the warmer temps and the beautiful blooms as much as I am! Happy spring!