wrap party

Labor Day is upon us…the unofficial end of the summer. Such a bittersweet time of year for us in New England, as we try to enjoy the last few days of our favorite season without thinking about winter lurking around the corner.

You can spend the weekend mourning and putting your white clothes in storage, or you can celebrate in Gift Wrap Company Style. If you want to wrap up your summer with a festive fiesta, here are some fun and easy ways to decorate with gift wrap!

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Fun Finds, Just a Thought
August 19, 2013

Now that is more appropriate!

Sorry Charles, you got it all wrong Jack!

Now that’s better!

Be as inappropriate as you like, just LOOK GOOD doing it! ;0)

Shout out to Real Simple for providing the ever-enlightening daily thought!

Perfectly A-lined!

Our eyes in the field have once again spotted an amazing display of gift wrap goodness!

This adorable paper dress form, crafted from our very own Libertine Stripe Recycled Gift Wrap, was spied in the Wellesley windows of the Isabel Harvey shop.

Well done Isabel! Does it come in my size?