Well Hello There

Welcome to Beyond The Grommets: the wonders, wanders and what-nots from The Gift Wrap Company Design Studio. Catchy huh?! We are a diverse group of eight cheeky young ladies who design all the products found in The Gift Wrap Company’s range (lovingly referred to here on out as TGWC, I hope you can appreciate the short and sweet!).

Referred around the company as “The Boston Studio” in actuality we are not in Boston proper but rather about 40 miles west in a town called Hudson. Day in and day out we work together (and quite well I happily report) to keep the product line fresh, be innovative and most importantly to create fun designs you all will love to see adorning our products.

So please check in and enjoy our ramblings while we attempt to inspire, educate and maybe even enlighten about the little bits and bites that happen
beyond the grommets.




I love all things fuchsia. PMS 226 is the best color in the whole world. I seriously contemplate painting my living room in it every day- ok maybe just one wall! I am hopelessly in love with my 14 year old yellow lab Tyler whom is hopelessly in love with a big red Kong filled with peanut butter (and the pursuit of getting said Kong refilled by me). In my free time I like to get my hands in the dirt and grown stuff (plants, flowers, veggies..), clean my house (odd I know), volunteer at a local dog rescue, take hikes with Tyler and fantasize that I had more free time to do more fun stuff! If I could be anywhere, I would be on a beach, sitting in the sand with my eyes closed just listening to sound of the waves hitting the shore... Total peace!