Feeling a little blue!

The Smurfs 2 movie opens this July and guess who is doing a little appearance?

As if the tag line is not enough to get you to the theater!

Yup Several TGWC faves will earn their SAG card in this film!

Stock up on these gift wrap faves now because there is no telling just how big their celebrity status will go 😉

Take a peek at the trailer, promises to be a cute flick!

Switched at Birth- Raceway Ribbon

switched at birth raceway ribbon

This color combo is vibrant yet simple and sophisticated. This summer make a bold statement with our Raceway Printed Grosgrain Ribbon.  One-shoulder dress found somewhere I forgot to remember (sorry!) and Julie Bag from Zady.

Fun Finds, Just a Thought
June 15, 2014


1960's Illustration by grickily on Flickr

1960’s Illustration by grickily on Flickr

Wanted to share a great illustration I recently found on pinterest. I am a huge fan of 1950-60’s illustrations and this one was just so great and so fitting for this Dad’s Day weekend.

Wishing all the Dad’s out there, especially my very own, a very Happy Father’s Day!

Crate Creation

crates are great

All good Nomads know the importance of a wheeled crate!

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Fun Finds, Just a Thought
June 11, 2014

Design happens- you know it!

Here’s a fun little read for this “HUMP DAY”.

Briana over at HGTV’s Design Happens blog did an interview with Petit Collage’s Lorena about her new craft book.


I shared the book release with you several months back and I am happy to report the book is doing really well. No surprise! The pages are packed with cute and cleaver ideas to turn drab to fab with a little fancy paper.

Check out the post over at Design Happens, well worth the read!


And be sure to keep an eye on our very own collection of gift wrap and bags featuring Petit’s adorable art.

PCShoppersTheme_WWe have just released some great  canvas shoppers and are working on the newest additions for January release now.

I promise you will LOVE them!!


Remember me from NSS?

Remember me from NSS?


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