Meet The Studio!

We’d like to introduce you to Kari Smiraglia, one of our Graphic Designers! She has been with TGWC Studio for almost a year.

*Notice Golden Bird + Branches is Kari’s backdrop, It’s her favorite from TGWC line. Want to learn a few fun facts about Kari? Keep scrolling to read her Q & A’s.

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National College Colors Day

Let’s see your team spirit!

Product Spotlight
August 27, 2015

Product Spotlight: Cellos

We are so thrilled to be introducing some new cello products to TGWC HOLIDAY 2015 line!  Our food safe cello bags & wrap are perfect for gifting home baked cookies, candies, breads and more. Here’s why we love them:

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Perfect Pairings- Traditional Holiday Wraps & Ribbon


Get Coordinated With Gift Wrap and Ribbons This Holiday Season!

It’s so easy with TGWC’s carefully curated collections. Today, let’s get coordinated with our Tried & Traditional Collection…

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Back to School: Tips + Tricks

September is right around the corner and before we know it the kids will be back in school. To add some fun to the same old back to school list, check out these few ways of using gift wrap to spice up school supplies:Book-Stack-Gif_blog-I know back in my day we had to wrap text books in brown paper grocery bags. Why not add some fun flare to this boring task? Any gift wrap can work well for this project and kids can wrap and re-wrap text books by the seasons if they want! The possibilities are endless. Check out our extensive selection of gift wrap here.

Another fun project to do is to make a pen + pencil holder.


Grab a cleaned out coffee can and pick out a gift wrap design that you’d like to use to create your holder, we used Spectacular Spectrum. Trim the wrap to the width of the can and use double stick tape to attach it and wrap around the can.

IMG_2558-blogVoila! An easy, decorative and inexpensive pen + pencil holder, great for a child’s desk at school, a customized teacher’s gift, or any desk alike.

What are you doing to get ready for back to school? And are you using gift wrap? Comment below to let us know!

Toppers to die for!


Our new laser die-cut gift toppers are sure to be a hit this upcoming holiday season! From felt, to wood and many shapes and sizes, they’re sure to please everyone on your list.

Felt + Wooden Tags 1These terrific toppers can do more than adorn a holiday package. Why not hang them from the Christmas tree? Our wooden die-cuts are perfect for art projects with kids. Give them to your nieces and nephews as gifts along with paints and glitter, or have your child decorate one and add it to grandma’s present as an extra special touch!

Felt + Wooden Tags 2These die-cut cuties can also add some holiday flare to a basic tote bag, like we did here on these krafty combos. Your present will sure to stand out from the rest with a felt topper hanging from the handle!

Felt + Wooden Tags 3And as you may have imagined, these toppers also dress up parcels to the T! The rustic simplicity of wood pairs perfectly with our wired burlap ribbon and jute cord as shown on this package.

Need a finishing touch to a gift? Attach the wooden ornament or why not layer both felt and wood to go the extra mile! Whatever you end up doing with these festive finishers, recipients will rejoice that they’ve received such a versatile gift.

Throw a die-cut on top and the fun don’t stop!

Look Who’s Coming to Dinner

TGWC harvest tablescape trinket tote

Today’s special? Trinket Totes!

We love bringing gift wrap out of the box and onto the dinner table! Invite gift wrap to your next dinner party with a few of these fun and easy decorating tricks.

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