Meet the team!

We’d like to introduce you to Ginny Leake, our Upscale Product Manager. She’s new to TGWC and started just a few months ago.

*Notice Colorful Confetti is her background, it’s her favorite from our 2016 Everyday line!

Want to learn a few fun facts about Ginny? Keep scrolling to read her Q & A’s.

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Just a Thought, Trends
January 28, 2016

2016 Trends & Inspiration: Sweet Petites

The Sweetest Thing?

Perfectly petite prints all new for 2016!

Size & scale played a big role in the design construction of our Everyday 2016 line. We love the oversized florals used in the Garden Blush collection, but also developed an affinity for designs on a much smaller scale. Tiny geometric patterns in soft, gentle pastel colors translate perfectly into our collection for Baby. Fine tooth textures create warm, fuzzy feelings while repetition of line and shape maintain order. We incorporated this trend into all categories of our wrapping range, proving that this year, we are really sweet on petites!


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Product Spotlight
January 26, 2016

SPOTLIGHT: Poly Glitter Toppers

SEEKING: an eye-catching new way to make gifts POP, become an easy add-on to sales and stand the test of time in an ever-changing retail landscape

poly glitter toppers

Introducing Poly Glitter Bows and Poly Glitter Curlys; new Finishes for Everyday 2016!

Pair them with glitter tags and our Galaxy collection for an out of this world experience, or Glitter Ombré bags & tags for a sparkly way to brighten your day!

Just a Thought, Trends
January 21, 2016

2016 Trends & Inspiration: Cosmic

Stars in our eyes for…cosmic trends!

The popularity of space movies and science fiction fantasy isn’t just for the ultra nerdy anymore! People everywhere are adorning themselves (and their spaces) with space themed art and objects. Both kids and adults can get on board with fresh futuristic themes of time and space travel. Colors are moody and metallic, with all the shades of the spectrum. Holograms and foils are everywhere, and planetary icons abound. It’s a whole new world, and the truth is out there…We couldn’t be happier to introduce our Galaxy wrap & bags, and emphasize the need for glitter toppers & tissue more than ever!


The force is strong in this trend!

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SPOTLIGHT: Plant Gifting

SEEKING: A living gift to brighten a cold winter day. And, of course a cute way to wrap it up!

gift cube

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Just a Thought, Trends
January 14, 2016

2016 Trends & Inspiration: Garden Gaga

How does your garden grow??

Florals of ALL kinds played a big role in our 2016 Everyday Collection. From soft, pretty, delicate hand painted buds to bold, graphic tropicals with pops of color, we really went GAGA over the GARDEN this year! Using florals to create gift wrap was an easy decision, the hard part was deciding which flower was our favorite! What makes this trend really spectacular is how it can reach so many moods and encompass so many events. From Garden Blush, with it’s classical, yet modern take on traditional florals to Garden Party, an eclectic celebration of color and life, we have every occasion and every age group covered. With a wide variety of beautiful options that makes Garden Gaga translatable to many categories, we DARE you to try and pick a favorite!

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SPOTLIGHT: Glitter Ombré Bags

SEEKING: Basic gift bags that are year-round best sellers; flashy- but not over the top, with colors to complement any event. Must have luxury handles, bottle options are a plus. 

glitter bags

We are thrilled to introduce our newest must-have, un-boring basic bags sets: THE GLITTER OMBRÉ COLLECTION! Constructed with heavyweight black kraft in medium and bottle sizes, the ombré glitter stripes mesmerize while tricolor multi-strand satin ribbon handles evoke an air of elegance that will make any occasion sparkle. Pair with coordinating glitter dot tissue and glitter me ombré tags for ultimate impact!


What we love-tags11
GlitterMeOmbre_BlueBorderGLITTER ME OMBRÉ tags are the perfect compliment to our OMBRÉ GIFT WRAP selections. It’s probably obvious that we’re obsessed with ombré!

“You can’t beat glitter and ombré together!” says Kate Bardessono, In-House Sales Representative

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Just a Thought
January 07, 2016

2016 Trends & Inspiration: Caliente

Is it getting HOT in here??

When designing for our 2016 Everyday Collection, we were inspired by the intricate patterns of Mexican textiles and pottery along with the explosive colors used by artists like Frida Kahlo. We incorporated over-saturated hues in spicy oranges and pinks with touches of vibrant marine blues to convey a sense of tropical energy and effervescence. Caliente means “hot” in Spanish and true to its name, this trend warms…and wows! Our wrap and bags from this collection are perfect for any festive fiesta, especially when paired with bright gift tissue and lots of layered ribbon. Crafted tissue poms and bright banners can be welcome accents to this party, along with florals and glitter galore.

If you’d like to spice things up, check out some of our favorite features from the CALIENTE collection below:


Caliente Trend Board

We interpreted these elements into our Fashion Collection to mix up an eclectic dish that will have your customers ordering up extra!

Also NEW for 2016: our Poly Glitter Star Bows because glitter always gets it done!

Looking for the perfect product to brighten up your gift store? Look no more! The Gift Wrap Company Fashion Collection has just that!


Like Orchid Artistry? Click here to shop!


Caliente spicy enough for you? Click here to shop!

Stay tuned for more fabulous trend insights still to come on our 2016 Trends & Inspiration: next Thursday we will feature GARDEN GAGA, another favorite for Everyday 2016. Come back to see how our garden grows…