Well Hello There

Welcome to Beyond The Grommets: the wonders, wanders and what-nots from The Gift Wrap Company Design Studio. Catchy huh?! We are a diverse group of eight cheeky young ladies who design all the products found in The Gift Wrap Company’s range (lovingly referred to here on out as TGWC, I hope you can appreciate the short and sweet!).

Referred around the company as “The Boston Studio” in actuality we are not in Boston proper but rather about 40 miles west in a town called Hudson. Day in and day out we work together (and quite well I happily report) to keep the product line fresh, be innovative and most importantly to create fun designs you all will love to see adorning our products.

So please check in and enjoy our ramblings while we attempt to inspire, educate and maybe even enlighten about the little bits and bites that happen
beyond the grommets.


Real Life Gifting: Friends Christmas


I have a few friends that we like to say “we have known each other since before we were born” because our moms met in college and are best friends to this day. Every year we do a Secret Santa that is color themed.  This year is yellow and we allowed gold to fall in that category too (thank goodness).   My gift this year goes to my friend and roommate, Emily! Emily recently bought a condo so I thought a few items to decorate her new place would be perfect!


And of course the wrapping has to match the theme too! I used our metallized brown kraft in Golden Dune as my base.  Tied our new Glitter Satin ribbon around and added 2 tags and a Lotus Bow.  The tags I used are our perennial favorite Luxe Gift Tags in gold glitter and then added a gold glitter Die-Cut Star for something extra!


As a designer here at The Gift Wrap Company, I love a good repeat! When I'm not creating brightly colored designs at work, you'll find me shopping, I have a slight obsession with clothes. I recently moved and have decided to wallpaper my room, I'll post pictures of it when it's done, I have never wallpapered before so it will be an adventure! I love all things chocolate and coffee and have a habit of bringing in goodies to share at work. I have also recently become interested in hot yoga and took some classes with Jamie and Sarah, very sweaty but really relaxing! On the weekends during the summer, I try to make it to the beach on Cape Cod as much as possible to make up for all the cold weather and snow during the winter here in New England. And one last thing...GO SOX!