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Welcome to Beyond The Grommets: the wonders, wanders and what-nots from The Gift Wrap Company Design Studio. Catchy huh?! We are a diverse group of eight cheeky young ladies who design all the products found in The Gift Wrap Company’s range (lovingly referred to here on out as TGWC, I hope you can appreciate the short and sweet!).

Referred around the company as “The Boston Studio” in actuality we are not in Boston proper but rather about 40 miles west in a town called Hudson. Day in and day out we work together (and quite well I happily report) to keep the product line fresh, be innovative and most importantly to create fun designs you all will love to see adorning our products.

So please check in and enjoy our ramblings while we attempt to inspire, educate and maybe even enlighten about the little bits and bites that happen
beyond the grommets.


DIY Wrapping Paper Basket

Photo 1

All the Easter bunnies are filling their baskets this weekend, and we hope they are hopping into your stores as well! As the Spring shopping season gets underway, retailers are always looking for fun and different ways to display our products. Show off all of those adorable trinkets and toppers you have to offer in your store with a cute basket made from left over wrapping paper! In just 5 simple steps you can create this fun little displayer that is perfect for Spring!

Step 1

You will need a ruler or yard stick, scissors, exact-o knife, regular tape, double sided tape and spray mount. Make sure to grab some gift wrap too, I choose our Burlap wrapping paper!

Step 2

Once all of your supplies are gathered, spray mount two sheets of paper together, making it double sided. After that is dry, measure out 11 strips that are 1″ wide and 15″ long, and 5 strips that are 1″ wide and 20″ long. On a flat surface weave the 15″ pieces together, I placed 5 horizontal and 5 vertical, the last strip will be used to make a handle at the end.

Step 3

Now you can create your basket! Fold up the strips that are hanging out of the sides, they should all be at an even height.  Use 4 of the 20″ strips to weave around the basket forming a square.

Step 4

Once you have weaved all 4 strips, use double sided tape to place the last 20″ strip around the top edge. This will keep the top looking nice and clean!

Step 5

Finally use the last 15″ strip to create the handle. Tape it down on each side and your basket is complete!

Photo 2

Fill about half of the basket with some of our crinkle or glimmer shred and then add your toppers and trinkets to it! The Felt Flower Pins look great, or try making a basket out of our Pastel Geode paper and fill it up with some Glimmer Eggs just in time for Easter! What design would you use for your basket?

As the Creative Coordinator at The Gift Wrap Company, I spend my days planning our trade shows, styling theme shots for our catalogs and a number of oddball things in between. I love experimenting with new ways to use paper and ribbon because the possibilities are endless! By the end of a good day I am usually covered in glitter and have tape stuck somewhere to my body.