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Referred around the company as “The Boston Studio” in actuality we are not in Boston proper but rather about 40 miles west in a town called Hudson. Day in and day out we work together (and quite well I happily report) to keep the product line fresh, be innovative and most importantly to create fun designs you all will love to see adorning our products.

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Cinco De Mayo Pull String Piñata DIY

Pinata 1

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Whether you are celebrating with tacos or tequila today, these adorable pull string piñatas are the perfect addition to any fiesta! They are so easy and fun to make, not to mention they are a great way to use up that extra tissue paper laying around. Read on to follow step by step and make your own.

Step 1

Start off by gathering all of your supplies. You will need toilet paper tubes or wrapping paper core cut to a preferred size, glue, tape, scissors, colorful tissue paper, ribbon and goodies to fill the piñata with. I thought our Festive Fiesta Gift Ribbon was perfect for this occasion, and our Gold Dust Glimmer Shred would be a fun surprise on the inside!

Step 2

Once you have all of your supplies you can begin cutting up the tissue paper in 1″ strips.

Step 3

Now it’s time to make the fringe! Pick up one of your strips and fold it into fours, this will help make the fringing go much faster.

Step 4

Setting your fringed paper aside, take an extra piece of tissue paper and cut into a square. Then cut an x into the middle of that square.

Step 5

Tape the square to the bottom of the cardboard tube.

Step 6

After cut out a strip of tissue paper the same height as the tube, you will then wrap this around the tube so that no cardboard is showing.

Step 7

Next grab your tissue paper fringe and figure out the color pattern for your piñata.

Step 8

Use your glue stick to adhere the fringe to the tube, start from the bottom and stacking one fringe on top of the other.

Step 9

Your piñata is almost finished! Now you need to add the ribbon, cut a 4″ , 6″ and 8″ piece.

Step 10

The 4″ ribbon will go around the top of the tube and the 6″ ribbon is taped to the inside to create a handle. Lastly tape the 8″ ribbon to the bottom of the tube covering up the cut out X, when the ribbon is pulled down the tissue paper will tear allowing the contents to fall out.

Step 11

All that is left is to fill your piñata! I filled mine with some cute stickers, pins, candy and our Gold Dust Glimmer Shred. I think that little pepper pin wearing the sombrero is just too cute!

Pinata 2

Get creative with your piñatas and try different shapes and patterns. Once all of your pull string piñatas are hung up, you are ready to get the fiesta started! Enjoy this craft for your Cinco De Mayo celebration, or any fun summer fiesta!

As the Creative Coordinator at The Gift Wrap Company, I spend my days planning our trade shows, styling theme shots for our catalogs and a number of oddball things in between. I love experimenting with new ways to use paper and ribbon because the possibilities are endless! By the end of a good day I am usually covered in glitter and have tape stuck somewhere to my body.