Real Life Gifting: Rustic Bridal Shower

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While most people are quick to grab the “Happy Birthday” paper when attending a birthday party, our trendy and solid designs offer something unique and special for any occasion. Offering different design options can inspire people to gift more thoughtfully and creatively. One of our designers attended a bridal shower over the weekend and wrapped up a unique gift for her cousin’s big day! Read on to see what inspired her to wrap in a creative way.

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Wrapping A Potted Plant

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Plants are great go-to gifts for anyone from the new home owner to the office co-worker. Not only are plants nice to look at, but they also help promote wellness by improving air quality and can have a calming and stress-relieving effect. Instead of giving a plant in its plain old pot, dress it up with some wrapping paper and ribbon! Read on to see how we got both of these succulents party ready!

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Real Life Gifting
April 11, 2017


wrapping the unwraped gift

Sometimes, gifts look better unwrapped. Blasphemy coming from the Gift Wrap Company Studio, I know! But before you condemn me, hear me out.  Click through to see how I deconstructed a Giant Gift Sack to wrap this awesome present.  

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Special Features: Color Me In Bag

Our Jungle Jamboree Gift Bag is not only a gift bag…it’s a coloring page too! Covered with playful animal outlines and printed on white kraft, this bag also includes a set of crayons. A perfect gift bag for budding artists, or anyone who loves to color!160620_Animal-Toss_0008

Kids of all ages will love to play with the bag even after the gift has been opened. I thought it would be perfect for my four year old son, Tristan. He got the chance to try it out the other night! Click through to see how it went…

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Real Life Gifting: Petite Square Bags

 Petite 4

Perfectly sized for jewelry, gift cards, candies and more! Petite square gift bags are the ideal wrapping solution for small tokens of love and appreciation. One of our designers recently shared her gifting experience with us…Read on to see how Amanda used a petite square to wrap a special gift!

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Getting Creative With Bottle Bags


From classically simple to high style and chic, our bottle bags are a great way to hold gifts that come in all shapes and sizes! Everyone knows that a bottle of wine or spirits fits nicely into these tall totes, but did you know that bottle size bags can be a perfect choice for different sized popular gifts? By getting creative you can bring new life to these fun and festive bags, scroll on for some inspiration!

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Real Life Gifting
February 23, 2017


There are so many occasions to make a gift basket: Wedding and Baby Showers, Welcome and Congratulations Gifts, Fundraisers and Charity Events…everyone loves a gift basket! Recently, I had the pleasure to assemble a gift basket for a friend of mine who has moved into a new home.TGWC_gift basket 1

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Real Life Gifting: Valentine’s Mailer


One of our designers recently sent a valentine to her adorable nephew, Ford. After creating a giant heart filled with cute sentiments, she realized this won’t simply fit into an envelope, that’s when our CELEBRATED POST MAILER ASSORTMENT swooped in to save the day!

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Real Life Gifting
February 14, 2017


TGWC_gift box1

Displaying earrings on a tag and nestling them on a bed of shred adds a personal touch that makes this innovative gift box even more unique. 

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Real Life Gifting: Friends Christmas


I have a few friends that we like to say “we have known each other since before we were born” because our moms met in college and are best friends to this day. Every year we do a Secret Santa that is color themed.  This year is yellow and we allowed gold to fall in that category too (thank goodness).   My gift this year goes to my friend and roommate, Emily! Emily recently bought a condo so I thought a few items to decorate her new place would be perfect!


And of course the wrapping has to match the theme too! I used our metallized brown kraft in Golden Dune as my base.  Tied our new Glitter Satin ribbon around and added 2 tags and a Lotus Bow.  The tags I used are our perennial favorite Luxe Gift Tags in gold glitter and then added a gold glitter Die-Cut Star for something extra!