2018 Sneak Peek

Right now the studio is buried in stacks and stacks of shiny new gift wraps and bags just waiting for their close up! You’ll have to wait for the real thing when we release our new line this Fall, but until then, enjoy some close ups of the 2018 Everyday Collection.
ED 18 Photoshoot

I know, I know. It seems like we are just getting used to the year 2017…but we are always thinking ahead! Time flies here at TGWC Studio, especially summer time when we are crazy busy preparing our Everyday 2018 Catalog. While the designers put finishing touches on all our fabulous new products, I am busy wrapping boxes, collecting props and dressing sets for our catalog photo shoot. Stay tuned for more fun updates as we wrap our way into a whole new year.

The Countdown Begins…NSS here we come!

Yes, its almost here! The big day, the most anticipated event of the season, opening day of the National Stationery Show: May 21!  We are gearing up for the show with lots & lots of planning, prepping and packing. As always, we have some creative projects in the works, a new look for our booth and of course some fabulous new products to share with you. We hope to see you in less than a month at Booth 2012! Contact Customer Service to schedule an appointment during the show…and hurry, they are filling up fast!

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It’s our last NSS 2016 preview post! Check out a few up-close sneak peeks of NSS decorations and how we precisely packed every material onto the skids. It was basically down pouring all week but that didn’t stop us! Tent and all…luckily the rain subsided just in time to load the truck!Nss preview 4_geos

Nss preview 4_Rain

We hope to see you at The National Stationery Show May 15-18!  Stop by Booth #2710 to see the results of all our hard work! Don’t forget to to schedule an appointment with our Customer Service Team to view all we have to offer for 2016!


We are still going strong prepping, painting & building items for our 2016 NSS booth…enjoy some pics from day two of our outdoor painting session!

We hope to see you at The National Stationery Show May 15-18!  Stop by Booth #2710 to see the results of all our hard work! Don’t forget to to schedule an appointment with our Customer Service Team to view all we have to offer for 2016!

nss preview 3


We are getting closer to unveiling our 2016 booth for the National Stationery Show! Lesley & I spent a sunny day painting some panels and furniture for our display windows, and we think you’re going to LOVE the results! Come visit us at Booth #2710 to see the how everything turns out…

nss preview 2



There is a lot to get excited about in our HOLIDAY 2016 line, especially the new BOXED HOLIDAY CARDS!

This year our offerings are better than ever with fabulous finishes and terrific treatments that will wow your customers. Feast your eyes on some snippets from our incredible new cards!

holiday card preview 1holiday card preview 2

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Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek of Christmas

We’ve been busy planning our Christmas 2016 Line. Here’s a sneak peak of our trend boards

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SHOT SHARE: These are so good you’ll need a tissue!

Ok you will need a whole pack of tissue. Multiple packs of tissue. Gift tissue that is

Printed. Solid.You need ’em, and lots of ’em!

Here is a little shot share of some photo out takes from our Everyday 2015 catalog shoot.

Gift tissue is a studio favorite. It’s such a versatile medium and it’s uses are endless!

Make these festive flowers and backdrop out of solid gift tissue.

Solid gift tissue sparks creative genius! Making these large tissue balls is a cinch and this ombre tissue backdrop will add “sahweeeeet” to any soiree!

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photo bliss

Wedding season is almost here! Only fitting to continue these photo shoot out-take peeks by featuring some lovely wedding shots. They vow to wow! See more great wedding gift wrapping solutions at www.giftwrapcompany.com

Chalkboard Love!

Perfect Wedding Pearls

Oh baby!

A perfect Nest for all Baby’s best photographs! The Nesting Collection from Pepperpot, a division of The Gift Wrap Company

We shoot some great theme shots for our catalogs with the help of our talented photographer friends of Cutlip Designs. I thought I would share some of these fun shots. We have such a great collection of photos and even the out-takes deserve a share! Since March is baby month here at TGWC I thought I would begin my sharing with some great baby themed shots.

~Enjoy the peek!

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