Wednesday What-Nots : April Showers

Spring has sprung!


Boston is finally blooming! (That was an awful winter we just had, glad it’s over.) So it’s now April and we’ve got showers, just as the rhyme says. To make the shift from winter drab to springtime fab, here are some of my fun finds:

1: Turquoise Trench Coat, because beige can be so blahhh / 2: This nifty umbrella‘s blossom design shows up when it gets wet, sort of like those Hypercolor T-shirts from back in the day / 3: Not usually a fan of animal print of any kind, but it’s oh-so trendy right now. These Hunter boots are actually making me rethink snakeskin. / 4: For the days I won’t be golashing around, there’s Netflix and my couch. (Have you seen House of Cards yet?? I’m obsessed!) / 5: I have a real hard time keeping green things alive. This Self-Watering Planter could really be a game changer for me.

Hope you’re all enjoying the warmer temps and the beautiful blooms as much as I am! Happy spring!

Wednesday What-Nots
January 16, 2013

Thinking Warm Thoughts

Today I would have loved to stay in and snuggle up on the couch with some hot cocoa and a good movie, But the world of gift wrap goes on despite what Mother Nature decides to do.  It’s a snowy day here at the studio. We got maybe 5 inches or so and to top it off it is now starting to rain.

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Wednesday What-Nots : Summer Solstice

summer favorites

Summa-time, Summa-time, Sum-Sum, Summa-time!

It’s finally here: my favorite time of the year – SUMMER! I don’t think there’s enough blog space for me to express all the wonderful things that I LOVE about this season. Summer in New England is the best – the weather, the outdoor activities, the overall feeling of joy and accomplishment radiating from all who survived the winter… I could go on and on…

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There are just a few handful of the “new” style icons which I really respect and admire .. oh what the kids are into these days…  but I do have to admit I am always impressed by the multi talented Zooey Deschanel. She sings, she acts, she models, she pulls off bangs…and she possesses a quirky retro style all her own. I would love to be able to pull off her looks, but I promise to spare you all .

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The Gift Wrap Company booth at NYSS – or 1000 things to do with wrapping paper

I can hardly believe the Stationery Show is over! It reminds me of all the build up and prep before the holidays, and then it seems like it’s over in a flash. I guess as long as the flash is bright and beautiful and amazing while it lasts then it was all worth it, and i feel like that is exactly what we had in New York this week.

Pictures really don’t do it justice because there isn’t a camera big enough to take it all in; the attention to detail, the creative use of anything and everything, and mixing of designs, colors, real and handmade props. It was something to see.

Here are a few shots of some of the amazing outer windows.

It was so much fun putting this all together, seeing it come to life. We have an amazing line of products, and a great team of people and I was a happy camper to be a part of it!  (excuse me -feeling a little choked up now…) Enjoy the pics, more to follow!



wwn: all aboard the train!

my must haves for smooth traveling

As you all know we are headed to NYC for the 2012 National Stationery Show.  I am catching a train bright and early Friday to get the Javits Center to help set up our beautiful booth and I am so excited!! But first things firsts, I have to pack!  First off, to help my curly hair behave itself I use Moroccan Hair Oil when its wet and usually let air dry to keep my curls frizz free or it helps keep my strands smooth if I put the effort into busting out the flat iron.  Second, to keep skin moisturized, I have become addicted to this Coconut Oil.  It is solid at room tempt, so no spills during transport!  Third, it is always important to stay hydrated!  This is my trusty water bottle that I don’t leave home without.  Since I am traveling via train, I don’t have to worry about going through security and keep it with me.  Fourth is my duffel bag from Vera Bradley (they have discontinued this pattern-sad!).  All their bags are bright and cheery but the straps are also super comfortable, as I am sure to over pack and my bag will weigh 40lbs.  Fifth are my favorite flats! Any brand will do but a neutral color will match almost every outfit helping you not to bring every shoe you own as I often do.  Sixth and seventh make traveling much more comfortable.  A nice scarf is very versatile, it can keep you warm, make a pillow, cover your head, etc.  And sunglasses keep the sun out so you can take a short snooze to get to your destination refreshed.  Last but not least, is my Tide Pen.  This comes in handy when you are carrying your coffee cup around the bumpy streets! What are everyone else’s travel must haves?? See you when we get back to Boston! Au revoir!

New Trend on the Block

When I first started to see this trend emerging, I wasnt really a fan, but now that I see it more and more, I’m beginning  to really like the big shapes of vibrant colors.  The patterns aren’t limited to just being squares. or rectangles. I love those triangle print shoes. It reminds me of a great print that Julie had worked on. And my Purple violet plant would look great in a color blocked flower pot. I just might have to make myself one. My favorite combination of colors is the purple, orange and navy, seen on the dress below.



1. Purple and Grey Decorative Throw Pillow Cover


3. Shiekh Color Blocked Pumps

4 .Roberta Di Camerino Colour Block Bag

5. Womens Colorblock Fashion Watch

6. Urban Dots Mug

7. Color Block Room

8. Color Blocked Flower Pots

9. Color Block Manicure


WWN: Pattern Pizzazz at Pier One

Was  in one of my fave stores the other day Pier One Imports. If you haven’t been in a P1 lately you must check it out! The explosion of color and pattern that await you inside those doors is just overwhelming. Every nook and cranny held another tempting tidbit of funness! I managed to escape with a mid size $ purchase of new pillows for my couch which give just the right punch of color to lift the winter dulls away.

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Floral Fancy

Today I happened to notice, a cluster of daffodils poking up from the soil and small buds starting to form on the trees.  Finally there’s signs of life!! Then I realized that the first official day of spring is next week. 

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Wednesday What-Nots : Giddy for Gingham

giddy for gingham

Spring forward!

Happy Leap Day! Even though New England is getting a wintery blast of the white stuff* as I type, Spring is just around the corner! For those of you ready to get a jump on the season of renewal, we here at TGWC will get you inspired…

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